Meet the Range Rover Velar

Range Rover Velar

When Land Rover announced a new vehicle, we were excited. We’d hoped that they’d announced a classic style Defender to combat the upcoming Ineos model. What we have instead is a new, mid-sized, addition to the Range Rover line. The Range Rover Velar.

The new vehicle will make its debut at the Geneva Motorshow and is set to fill the size gap between the existing Evoque and Sport models. The official image shows a sleek and luxurious vehicle. New features seem to include a horizontal tail light, similar to those found on luxury sedans out of Germany. Perhaps the biggest change, however, is the new take on the classic Range Rover floating roof. The pillars seem to be partially given the same finish as the glass roof.

Land Rover design chief Gerry McGovern claims the new car will “bring a new dimension of glamour, modernity and elegance to the brand” while claiming that the Velar will indeed “refined for every occasion” and “for every terrain.” As fans of classic off-roaders, we’re a little sceptical. This is no Defender and the stylings and interior make the Velar appear to be in the same vein as other modern Range Rovers. Comfort and luxury over off-road performance.

No information has yet been given regarding fitments, but it’d be a safe bet that the Velar will continue to use the car fitments as other models in the Range Rover line. This is a bit of a blow for those hoping for a return to a true off-road vehicle for Jaguar Land Rover. The vehicle is still very much a crossover SUV. We’ll know more come the cars March 1st unveiling at the Geneva Motorshow. The Range Rover Velar is predicted to go on sale later this year for £45,000.

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