Lego Land Rover Garage

If you cast your minds back to the warm, heady days of Summer, you may remember our article about the father and son team trying to get their Lego Land Rover design picked up by the “LEGO Ideas” program. Well not only are we pleased to say that the project has no reached the 10,000 signatures required to be reviewed by the folks over at LEGO for possible release, but we have since been able to see the models in person at this year’s Great British Land Rover Show!

Lego Land Rover Engine BayCompletely unaware that we were sharing a show floor, we were approached by the face of Lego Land Rover himself and were invited to come see the model. We couldn’t contain our excitement and rushed over straight away. We were very impressed with the detail of the various types of Land Rover on show, you can even switch between diesel and petrol engines! With no detail left un-realised we can confirm that these models are everything we hoped for and we think LEGO would be foolish not to get these on the shelves as soon as possible.

While you can’t vote for the project anymore you can still take a look at the project over on the LEGO ideas website! A big round of congratulations to Dadandlad!

More images below.

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